A few covers. Here is the complete list of translations: 

PICTURE BOOKS: (all written and published in French and Dutch except for Bonjour le monde! which is not published in in Dutch)

Lisette's lie: French, Dutch, German, Spanish (Chili), Chinese, English, Japanes
Billy à l'envers: Korean, Bulgarian
Billy et le mini-cheval:
Korea, Bulgarian
Billy cherche un trésor Billy's search for a treasure: Chinese, Bulgarian, Swedish
Jo, le vilain petit canard: Chinese
Bruno, the day that I gave a plant to a stanger: Italian.
Bruno, some of the more interesting days in my life so far : Italian, English (New Zealand), Spanish
Billy et le gros dur Billy and the bad guy: German, Italian, Chinese, Bulgarian
La fête de Billy Billy's birthday party: German, Italian, Chinese, Bulgarian, Swedish
Bonjour le monde! (not in Dutch): German
Cheval Fou  Crasy Horse : German, Chinese, Japanese, Bulgarian
Le bison : German, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Swedish, Bulagarian
Haut les pattes ! Paws up!: Italian, German, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Polish, Khmer (Cambodja), Bulgarian
Ma collection  Japanese, Chinese, Korean
Coco Panache Hebrew, Italian, Chinese, German
Lizette’s Green Sock German (Zwitserland), Japanese, Korean, English (USA), English (NZ), Chinese
Dans la poussette de Lisette  Into Lizette's doll's pram: Japanese, Chinese 
Totoche et le poisson malheureux  Totoche and the cheerless fish: Chinese, Japanese, Spanish (Vénezuela)
Totoche et la petite maison de Meredith Totoche and Meredith's little house: Japanese, Chinese
Totoche Japanese, Chinese
Miam, des épinards ! Yummy, spinach!: German 
Chep's bike: Turkish


Writen and published in both French and Dutch:
Manu et Nono, le dernier gâteaun- Die kleine is Don, de lange is Sjon (NL) : Spanish (Mexico), Turkish, German

Writen in French:
Zappa, mémoires d’un âne
:  Korean
L’incroyable Zanzibar German, Chinese, Vietnamese, Taiwanese, English, Georgian
Waldo et mystérieuse cousineGerman, Chinese
Docteur Fred et Coco Dubuffet  Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese
Le bonheur de Lapache: Chinese 
Carlo: Chinese 
L'invention de la chaise: Chinese 
La grande Adèle et son petit chat: Chinese 

France : L’école des loisirs (mainly), Bayard
The Netherlands: De Harmonie, Gottmer (since 2010), Querido (since 2020)
Japan : Crayon House, Bunken Shuppan
Germany : Moritz Verlag, Beltz
Italy : Babalibri
China : Shanghai 99, New Buds, Dolphin, Educational Science Publishing
Zwitserland : Atlantis Verlag
Vietnam : Alpha Books
USA : Clarion Books
Korea : Bluebird Publishing Co, KSI
Taiwan : Windmill
Venezuela : Ediciones Ekaré
Israël : Matar Publishing House  
Spain: Birabiro Editorial, La casita roja
New Zealand: Gecko Press 
Polen: Muchomor
Mexico: El barco de vapor
Turkey: Coki, Puis Publishing
Chili: Amanuta 
Cambodja: Sipar
Georgia: Bookland 
Sweden: Berghs förlag
Bulgaria: Helikon


2011, 2013, 2014, 2015  Nomination for the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award 


Jo, the very naughty duckling
Feather of the month januari 2019 - Dutch award.

Bruno, the day I gave a stanger a plant
Rome's public Librairies Award: Scelte di Classe. age 6-7 years. Italy 2018.
French Public Librairies Award: Prix Livrentête. Concluded by children votes. First reading. 2019

Bruno, some of the more interesting days in my life so far:
Nominated for the Book Lion 2016. The Flemish award for the best writen book in the past year and a half (4 titels)
2017. The Nanterre Young Reader Award.France 
2017 Croqueurs de livres award. Eure, France.
2018 Bernard Versele Award . Belgium. 7 years and up.

Billy's party
2018  Prix des Embouquineurs 2017/2018 (FR)
2015. Wittlicher Wanderrabe, (White Raven) first price (Germany)

Paws up! :
Plume of the Month April, NL
Children’s Bookstore Prize, NL
France Telecom prize center/west, FR
Le Touquet Paris Plage Literature Price, Fr
Selection Leipziger Lesekompass (Stiftung lesen, Leipziger Buchmesse), D.
White Ravens Selection (Int. Youth Library), D. 
Beaker from bookstore Veenendaal, Amersfoort, NL
Nomination Bernard Vesele Prize, Belgium

My collection :
2009 Flag and Pennant Prize from the artists’ jury, NL

Into Lizette's doll's pram :
2008 Literature Award of the young reader of Montvilliers (Fr)

Coco Panache :
2005 Feather of the month April, Netherlands
2006 Prize from the schools of the Eure and Loire, FR
2007 Bernard Versele Prize, French-speaking Belgium
2008 Premio Special, Turin book fair, Italy
2011 Core title “Heroes”, children’s book week, Netherlands
Was included in the first list of the French Ministry of Education’s recommended literature

Lizette's green sock :
2005, USA
Booklist Editor’s Choice
Child Magazine Best Book of the Year
School Library Journal Best Book of the year
Outstanding International Books 
2006, USA
CCBG Choices
Bank Street Best Children Books of the year
Included in the new list of the French Ministry of Education’s recommended literature

The King and the chicken :
1999 Début prize Châlons-en-Champagne, FR


Die kleine is Don,de lange is Sjon:
Silver Pen. Dutch award for best writen books in 2020 

2013 Nominated on the longlist for the Prize of the French children’s bookstores and libraries (Prix Sorcières)
Waldo and the mysterious niece :
2012 Nominated on the shortlist for the prize of the French children’s bookstores and libraries (Prix Sorcières) 
2013 Prix des jeunes lecteurs d'Orléans
2014 Rattenfänger Literature Award (Hameln, Germany)
Included in the new list of the French Ministry of Education’s recommended literature
2015 Prix Ecolire, region arrround Chartes. Favorite of the children within a selection
Les beaux jours de Socquette et Bouldepoil :
2009 Le livre élu, Haute Loire, Clermont Ferrand
L’incroyable Zanzibar :
2003 Prix Jeunesse Le Touquet Paris Plage
Was Included in the first list of the French Ministry of Education’s recommended literature
2011 Bing Xin (famous author) award, China !!! For best first reading book.
Mémet le timide :
2002 Coup de cœur, Séminaire P.Hurtmans, Brussel
Zappa, mémoires d’un âne :
2001 Prix littéraire des enfants de l’Estérel, St Raphaël
Docteur Fred et Coco Dubuffet :
1998 Prix Première Lecture, Blois