Lizette's green sock

Lisette’s green sock  

One  day when Lisette is taking a walk, she finds a sock. She puts it on straight away; after all, you don’t find a lovely green sock like that every day! Her friend Bébert the mouse reckons you can also use the sock quite well as a cap. And Mr. Fish in the pond has his own way to use a sock.
Age 3 and upward

Publ. L'école des loisirs (F), De Harmonie (NL) 2002
Clarion Books, NY, 2005

Original in French and Dutch
Translated into German (Switzerland), Japanese, Korean and English (US)

Included in the list of the French Ministry of Education’s recommended literature 

2005, US:
Booklist Editor’s Choice
Child Magazine Best Books of the year
Outstanding International Book
School Library journal Best Book of the Year
CCBC Choice
Bank Street Best Book of the year