Bruno, the day that I gave a stranger a plant

After the succesful Bruno , some of the most interesting days in my life so far (Gecko Press, 2017) Nicolas Hubesch and I decided to make a second book with the same characters: Bruno - the cat, Ringo - his friend the old pony, and Tweety - the canary who mixes up words.

As the first edition, this books consists of several stories of different length. Like chapters.
The leitmotif is giving and receiving a gift. In this case a pot plant.
Bruno still lives in an undefined French suburb, a very urban environment. Amazing how Nicolas Hubesch drew these streetcorners. The book starts on a very rainy day. Bruno, walking along with his friend the old pony, finds a pot plant on the sidewalk and decides to give it as a present to a stranger.
That's how it all begins...

Age 4 and up. Also nice as first reading